Adrian Stimson - Let Them Eat Pie

A performance in the format of an outdoor cooking class to produce a legendary bison pie for the people of Saskatoon. Led by Adrian’s performative alter egos, this interactive class aims to out-perform the notorious Galloping Gourmet, one of the 20th century’s best known TV chefs.  Join Adrian to learn more about gathering local organic ingredients, the cooking process behind bison pie and the sharing of knowledge around Indigenous cuisine. Bison pie recipe on request.

NBS 2016 BAM minutepr.jpg

BAM - Minüte

Aralia Maxwell, Andie Palynchuk and Derek Sandbeck of Saskatoon’s Bridges Art Movement (BAM) collaborate with an anonymous local chef to create “minüte”, an exclusive one-of-a-kind performative dining experience wherein members of the public become part of the performance. For each guest “minüte” served in the restaurant, a member from the audience will also be offered a plate.

Cate Francis - Food Prints

A unique screen printing workshop at the Farmers’ Market that will create prints on a support surface of various foods.